Use your iPhone as a remote control for your home

Use your iPhone as a remote control for your home

Apple’s iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most powerful mobile phones, with the iPod Touch the iPod de jour. Both owe those facts to their fantastic capabilities; capabilities we’ve taken advantage of with SmartHome’s Z~Series iPhone home automation starter kits. Suddenly your phone changes your home’s environment for the better, with the beautiful touch screen transforming your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control for everything from your home’s lights and appliances to security cameras and door locks. What can you do?

What you’ll be able to achieve in your home with SmartHome’s iPhone automation kit will almost be limited only by your  imagination. In the starter kits you’ll find all the  components you need to begin controlling lighting and appliances around your home but, as it suits, you can expand your system to include anything from the Z~Series range. That means you’ll soon open up your iPhone and your home to a world of home automation normally reserved solely for mansions. A sampling of precisely what you’ll be able to control is noted to the right.

– Lights
– Motion sensors
– Appliances
– Window coverings
– Security cameras
– Scenes
– Door sensors

The iPhone app

Tap the icon and the controls to your home are displayed right there on the screen of your iPhone. Everything that is included in your Z~Series home is accessible. Want to view your security cameras? Click the cameras icon. Want to find out if a door is open or unlocked? Click on it to find out, then click to lock it. Your lights, your appliances, even your sensors, they’re all there, intuitively, and all controllable with the same simplicity that has helped the iPhone make its name.

How does it do it?

The process is fairly simple: the Z-Wave iPhone app talks to the Z~Series home server, and the server then wirelessly relays your commands to the various Z~Series controllers you have around your house. Those commands are communicated with the most up-to-date home automation technology, Z-Wave – and it’s the use Z-Wave that’s key. That’s because Z-Wave not only allows for easy expansion of your home automation system, but also helps future proof it with a whole slew of new products scheduled to be released in the near future. For more on the features and benefits offered by Z-Wave see ‘what is Z-Wave?’

Automation, not just control

The name of the range gives it away – iPhone home automation. Had we called the range iPhone home control you’d understand if it only allowed you to use your iPhone as as a remote. But the Z~Series iPhone home automation kits provide much more – they provide an unsurpassed level of intelligence. Using the home server that comes with both kits, you’ll be able to create simple or complex schedules for the running of your home, you’ll be able to utilise information from such things as weather reports, you’ll even be able to use it to save time, energy and money. And for all those times when you don’t have your iPhone, you can even log in remotely via another mobile or PC web browser, from anywhere in the world. Interested? Call 84856463 to find out more.


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