How to use the Key Update Tool to activate Windows XP

How to use the Key Update Tool to activate Windows XP

1) Only Windows XP Professional SP3(2008) works properly but there are security that prevents you from activating using your old keys. Here is a way how to by pass it.

2) Install Windows XP normally without keying in your old key first. After installing, run Key Update Tool to key in your old key, it will not differential if you are using Home or Professional version.

3) After keying in and updating the keys, you need to run Windows installer, before you can install all microsoft softwares properly like antivirus, Windows Live mail, IE 8, Windows Media player etc.

4) Next you need to run Windows Update so it will update your OS in the background. Before running Windows Update make sure you activate the software first, or you can never activate it later.

5) Microsoft is forcing everybody to upgrade to Windows 8 this way, those who paid good money for their PC now are held ransom, I have set everyone free since they destroy all my original DVDs I paid money for and all my client’s keys are now useless, I want compensation and I will make Microsoft lose billions of dollars for fooling around my inventions.

6) Remember to install a good firewall software like Zone Alarm Firewall to protect your PC against attacks. You need to every time clear your browser cache of temporary files, history, cookies after using your browser.

7) Not genuine Windows keys will not work at all, if your Windows OS corrupts, there is no way you can install another copy of Windows unless you do a low level format by install a new higher OS like Linux to wipe everything away. Now you know why I am pissed.

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