About Us

Gilbert Tan TS – IT expert with more than 20 years of IT experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC involving in hardware and software for PC/Servers/Multimedia. Range of experience includes ;


Glamour Productions – 1984

Sound Engineer

First Photo Suppliers Pte Ltd – 1988

Assistant Photographer

Interfilms Pte Ltd – 1989

Assistant Producer – Video/multimedia

Information Technology

1992 Cybernetics Marketing

Handphone Dealers for Motorola and Nokia.
Authorised resellers for Commit Communications and Singtel.

1992 Open Technology Pte Ltd

Corporate Sales & Support of PC & Servers, network peripherals of Compaq, Epson and ALR products.

1992 InfoTools

Assisted InfoTools to launch their real estate listing software together with Singapore Telecoms and Commit Communications.

1997 Hewlett Packard

Assigned to SEA Call Centre to help HP clients & vendors troubleshoot HP range of products like PC, printers, scanners and palmtop.

1998 ST Computer Services

Assigned to service Ministry of Education for the setup of PCs and Servers for the school’s network like RGS, Chinese High, Radin Mas Primary and Jurong Primary.

1999 Wing Onn Fire and Insurance Pte Ltd

Handed IBM mainframe and Windows workstation with softwares meant for the insurance industry. My responsiblities include compiling and sending out the statistics for vehicle registration and claims to MAS for daily processing including the maintenance of IT systems.

2000 United Overseas Bank Ltd

Implemented and support for Ecommerce website for B2B operations for AS400, AIX and NT environment including Netrust, Net.Commerce, Lotus Domino and DB2.

2001 STE International Pte Ltd

Onsite service, repair and troubleshoot workstation and servers for pos machines including networking for major clients Watson, Delifrance, Kopitiam and Long John Silver.

2003 DoctorPC.com.sg

Singtel Broadband reseller. Onsite service and repair of computers, servers. Experienced in windows and linux platforms. Internet skills include security, html programming.

Others (Real Estate & Insurance)

Glamour Home Realty Pte Ltd – 1993


Far East Organisation – 1994

Leasing Executive

Jack Investment Pte Ltd – 1995

Leasing Executive

NTUC Income Insurance – 1996

Insurance Agent

G & B Investment Pte Ltd – 2001


Certifications: ;http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p7836624/051557132.aspx

  • CompTia Network+
  • CompTia A+ Service Technician
  • Win NT 4.0 Certification
  • Certificate in Association of S’pore Realtors
  • Certificate in Life Insurance
  • Certificate in SGX Futures Trading


NTUC Income Home Services. Appointed as a Licenced Contractor for NTUC Income Home Services – Computer Repair/Services since 1999 to service both NTUC Income policyholders and agents. List of Clients includes;a) Insurance Agents b) Real Estate Agents c) Traders (Derivatives, Options and Futures) To access their inhouse online customised multiple platforms.Our services also include consultancy and solutions into these areas;IT Consultancy
– Hardware/Software for PCs/Servers
– Multiple OS including Servers
– Desktop/Servers/Network Security
– Firewalls/Antivirus
– Search Engine Expert
– Database/Mining/Analysis/Insights
– Customisation of any hardware/software
– Inventor of ;
3D SEarch Engine
Next Generation Internet
Intelligent Matrix Routing
Intelligent OS/Programming
Merging Extended WiFi/TD-SCDMA/Any Networks
New OLED player/Screen Display Technology
Online Numbers/Video/Voice Networks
HFT Systems
Mobile Devices/Network Technology
Economics/Financial Consultancy
– The New Economy
– How to avoid Destructive Competition
– Fixing everything for A Perfect Economy
Business Consultancy
– Solve any problems or processes
– Goal planning with results
– Maximise ROI/Cash flow
– Fund management advice
– How to ensure success
– Raising Funds with Goals
– Solving any problems
– ITForNonProfit.info
– Micro Credit for Social Enterprises(Entrepreneurs)
– Solving Diseases
– Creating Jobs for everyone* IT Industry. 3D Search Engine. Intelligent OS. Next Generation Internet. Skype Worldwide Online Numbers. TD-SCDMA with Extended WiFi.
* Economy and it’s economics. Avoiding Destructive Competition. HFT Trading and solutions. Investments and solutions into any field.
* Medical Research into solving Diseases.
* The Brain and Developing intelligence. I have already a breakthru to systematically increase your intelligence for lifelong learning.
* Security. CSI and the training of personnel to handle any crisis to fight crime and terrorists.
* Defence Industry. I have the technology to modify anything I want to create the latest weapons.
* Data Mining and Manipulation. I can read data like a book to create a view no one has access.
* Smart Home Automation/Security System n Cameras/Audio-visual and Zwave.
* Marketing/Advertising Consultancy Services.
Currently on these projects;
1) 3D Search Engine
2) Next Generation Internet
3) Skype Worldwide Online Numbers
4) Intelligent Programming/OS
5) TD-SCDMA with automatic switching to Extended WiFi
6) HFT Trading and Solutions
7) The Perfect Economy without Destructive Competition
8) The Brain and Developing Intelligence
9) Smart Homes using Zwave Technology
10) Non-Profit
More information can be found at Facebook : http://facebook.com/gilberttants

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