Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

a) We believe that desktop os software should be like the days of Windows 95/98 where everything, your sound, mp3, videos, codecs, comes preinstalled and works fine, like the Ubuntu OS. Nowadays, because of the antitrust laws Microsoft is forced to cannabalised their OS without installing the relevant software for media player, video, codecs etc. Our aim is to bring the Windows 7 OS back to its original functionality by installing all relevant free software to give the user a seamless experience, which no other vendors provide. 

b) We are in this business to provide for the community, and money is not our ultimate aim, that is the reason we are able to provide a near cost to cost package for our Upgrades, which has been tested for compatibility issues, so we can provide you with a troublefree experience, our time is very valuable, we upgrade hundreds of PCs every year, and if there are issues we will be kept very busy, which is not profitable for our business.

c) We believe in solving problems once and for all, and if a PC is not worth servicing, we will advise our customers accordingly. Our time is worth more than S$100/hr, we will rather walk away from a deal, than spent countless hours servicing a PC that has hardware issues, and make a customer pay everytime per visit.  

d) We value all our warranties, we are in this business for the long term, as we have prior arrangement with our suppliers, if we could not be reached you could sent your faulty PC with your receipt to our supplier direct.

e) We only charge S$25 transport to cover our costs, totally “zero cost” if we are not able to solve your problems, as we are in this business to provide solutions, we will go onsite to troubleshoot your problems, and quote you to resolve the problem, if you are not agreeable, there will not be a charge unless a service has been rendered ie we determined your equipment is faulty. There is no obligation to buy from us if you are not agreeable upon the price.

f) Typically, an upgrade of your PC system will take 2/3 days to deliver, those who require urgent services will have to pay a 50% loading, we will turnaround within 4 hours, or we will waived our 50% loading.

g) We reserve the rights to replace parts that are faulty with its equivalent, as sometimes the parts in question may be out of stock from the market.

h) For security, permission issues with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, our standard procedure is to restore to factory default settings, and we use third party solutions to resolve windows registry problems and outdated drivers issues which may cause your pc system to not perform at its best. We will however try to resolve these issues with reference to windows servers.

i) Our protocol to resolve PC issues is to solve software issues first if there is a 50/50 chance it could be a software/hardware issue as we cover 90 days warranty if the same issue happens again, we will waive all our charges as 100% of the time, if it is a hardware issue, it will reoccur within 7 days from our experience. If that is the case, the customer is responsible for their own hardware if it is not purchased from us. If we do not do that, our feedback from customers is that they will complain on the high costs of hardware replacements.

*We only accept CASH, bank transfer or paypal, no terms or credit.


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