Refund for price difference guarantee

Refund for price difference guarantee

We deal with multiple suppliers both locally and overseas and our agreement with suppliers includes support and time-based replacement warranties, we are unable to 100%  ensure we are able to get the lowest price possible as we do not control our suppliers, we however have mechanism in place that ensures that if you find the same product elsewhere and the difference in price is great, we will honor to refund you the difference in price.

Please compare apples to apples, some are able to get rock bottom price because they buy in huge quantity and do not provide support or warranties, but we provide both, so you cannot compare an apple to an orange, especially some suppliers are clearing stocks.

Please also note that time is of the essence to file a claim, if less than 7 days has passed and you complained about a price difference, we will definitely honor our agreement. But if you complain about it more than 1 month later, please be informed that we might reject your claims, as by then it might be an entire new ball game with a new price difference due to market demand and supply.

Please also note that we spent time and money for testing a product’s claims and it’s fit for use to ensure usability and conformation to specs due to our technology’s expertise to recommend to our customers, if the product is not suitable, we run the risk of a 100% loss to exchange for customers for free, so how do you compare an apple to an orange?

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